Patty Mills wins 2021-22 NBA Sportsmanship award

The NBA announced today that Brooklyn Nets guard Patty Mills has won the 2021-22 NBA Sportsmanship Award.

In order to be eligible, each NBA franchise nominated one player. A panel of NBA executives chose one finalist from each of the NBA's six divisions.

 Nearly 300 NBA players participated in the league's confidential balloting process to choose the winner from a list of six finalists.

Mills got 1,975 points (58 first-place votes) among NBA players. Green got 1,841 points (60 first-place votes). One point per first-place vote was awarded to each of the six finalists.

Mills, a 13-year NBA veteran from Australia, has won the NBA Sportsmanship Award. In addition to the Joe Dumars Trophy

he will receive a 75th Anniversary commemorative trophy today. The NBA 75 logo is 3D laser carved into the crystal basketball memorial trophy.

Mills, 33, played the previous 10 NBA seasons with the San Antonio Spurs, winning an NBA championship in the 2013-14 season. 

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