Winemakers may sometimes purposefully destroy the yeast in the wine, interrupting the fermentation process.

This implies that the yeast is unable to convert all of the natural sugars in the grape into alcohol, resulting in a wine that is richer in residual sugar and tastes sweeter.

When making a sweet sparkling red, winemakers use fermented wine and subject it to a second fermentation. 

The producer will add a sugary wine combination (called a dose) to the wine during this procedure, increasing the sugar level and giving the wine its sparkle.

Other ways for producing sweet red wines include the use of noble rot or botrytis

While noble rot is a fungus, winemakers may employ it because the fungus perforates the skin of the grapes, causing water in the grape to evaporate. 

This implies the sugar in grape juice is more concentrated and hence sweeter.

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