Parents warned as the highly infectious Scarlet Fever cases are rising!

Following an increase
in the number of
cases of scarlet fever and chicken pox, health authorities are advising parents to be alert of the signs.

Illnesses with the bacterium group A streptococcus are the cause of scarlet fever, which can worsen other skin infections such as chickenpox.

Despite the fact that scarlet fever is typically a minor sickness, it is extremely contagious.

If someone suspects they may be suffering with scarlet fever, they should call their local doctor or dial 111.

Early diagnosis and treatment of scarlet fever with medicines is critical because it reduces the risk of complications such as pneumonia as well as the transmission of the illness to other people in the community.

Those who have been diagnosed with scarlet fever are recommended to remain at home for at least 24 hours with antibiotic therapy in order to avoid spreading the virus.

It is critical to adopt good hygiene in order to prevent the transmission of scarlet fever. 

This includes washing hands with warm water and soap, avoiding sharing drinking glasses or utensils, and covering the nose and mouth while coughing or sneezing."

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