How to actually make Trainer Style Protein Shake!

When you think of protein shakes, you might picture gym bros drinking a bottle of sludge made from powder and water.

And sure, that's one way to get a quick dose of protein on the go, but it's not the only way, and it's definitely not the most tasty.

Protein shakes are high-protein smoothies, not protein powder plus water. Then you can customise a simple formula.

"To make the perfect protein smoothie, you need a source of carbs, like fruit or oats, and a source of protein" (think protein powder or greek yogurt)

For comparison, a serving of Greek yoghurt or cottage cheese has about 20 grammes of protein, while a scoop of protein powder has between 20 and 40 grammes of protein.

A cup of fruit will add flavour and filling fibre and carbs that will give you energy.

Blending with dairy milk adds 8 grammes of protein per cup; non-dairy milk adds 1 gramme. Choose based on your objectives and tastes.

Start with a half cup of liquid, then steadily add more until you get the desired consistency.

Add fat carefully.
Pre-workout shakes should be basic and fat-free. Our bodies metabolise fat slowly, which can make workouts uncomfortable.

You can make a shake after a workout or at any other time of the day by adding a tablespoon of nut butter or a quarter of an avocado. These healthy fats will help you feel full for longer.

Avoid hidden sugars. Making your own protein shakes might help you avoid extra sugars. Beware of readymade powders with added sugars

Plain Greek yoghurt is better than flavoured, and frozen fruit shouldn't have additional sugars.

If you're using almond milk, choose unsweetened!" If you choose protein powder over Greek yoghurt, look for a sugar-free variety.

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