5 Snacks Shawn Mendes Can't Live Without

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It's hard to believe Shawn  doesn't crave chips or candy, but the celebrity has been  open about his healthy lifestyle. He said, "I don't  enjoy junk food."

So what does Shawn Mendes eat when he wants something to snack on?

Even though avocado toast is all the rage, Mendes makes a snack out of just an avocado. The "Mercy" singer put a picture of herself eating half an avocado on Instagram

The singer eats nuts for nutrients. "Work-for-your-food is very gratifying. As with edamame or nuts, "Twittered. Mendes likes tricky snacks. Besides peanuts, he prefers almonds. "I love almonds"

Mendes cracks edamame seeds like nuts. "Edamame is my new fav. thing," he tweeted.

he loves muffins, he can't choose a fav. flavour: "In the evening, I'll go for chocolate chip, but in the morning, blueberry." I'm muffin-crazy. He says, 

The singer loves cereal. Night time cereal is his favourite "Cereal before bed rocks. . "2am cereal always," he tweeted. Late-night munching isn't healthy, but he avoids sweets and chips.

Oh, and he did another sexy photoshoot with Calvin Klein, involving a bowl of cereal in one snap. Shawn Mendes eating cereal in his underwear is awesome.

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