It's Time to Just Get Along in Season Two of Squid Game

When Hwang Dong-hyuk made Squid Game, he didn't think it would last for more than one season. In fact, he wrote it to be a movie all by itself.

But because of how popular the show is, a second season is not only possible but also likely. "In a way, a second season is inevitable," actor Lee Jung-jae said.

I remember asking [Hwang] when we were filming if there would be a second season, and he said, "I don't think so." That's going to be really hard.'

But we can't not do one now because people all over the world have shown us so much love." Hwang has a lot of ideas about what season 2 of Squid Games should be about:

The director said, "I want to ask the question, 'Is true solidarity between people possible?'"

Hwang wants to bring this subject to the forefront in season two, as the world hurtles toward global catastrophe on several fronts.

If they could have communicated and, there may have been more winners, he added.

The number of people who will be back for season two is, let's say, limited. Lee is going to play Gi-hun again, and there is a small chance that the Front Man will also return.

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