These are strict Rules For Starbucks Employees

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A Starbucks coffee store can be hectic, with dozens of orders every few minutes during the morning or lunch rush and dozens of menu items that must be produced with precision

With 15,430 Starbucks in America by 2022, that's a lot of consumers and orders.

Starbucks employees must follow guidelines to keep the fast-paced corporation on track. Some Starbucks rules will surprise and puzzle you.

Bright Colors are not allowed:

Employees don't have a uniform beyond an apron . But there is a dress code. Staff must wear "subdued" colours like grey, black, white, or dark blue. 

Temporary Hair Color is Banned:

Starbucks employees can't change their hair colour midweek. Temporary hair dyeing isn't allowed.

Can't Switch:

Starbucks employees must stay put while working. Baristas can't switch responsibilities during a shift, even if one station is crowded and another is slow.

Strict Timings:

Starbucks must enforce store hours. They can't open the store a minute early and must kick everyone out when it closes.

Piercings & Tattoos are a No:

2 earring and 1 nose stud. Other piercings must be covered. Bracelets and rings are banned. You won't get a Starbucks barista job with facial or neck tattoos.

Saying No is Not allowed:

Starbucks employees can't say no to customers, even when they make outlandish requests.

10 Times Rule:

Starbucks baristas must shake  Starbuck Beverages 10 times to follow the proper formula.

If a worker had a few hundred Peet's Coffee or Dutch Bros shares, he or she may care more about their performance than Starbucks'. 

According to Starbucks' Standards of Business Conduct, even a worker's close relatives can't "make a major direct investment in such a corporation" without being fired.

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