Why You Should Never Take Your Shoes Off on a Flight?

People who fly often know that your body changes in many ways when you're in a pressurised tube at 40,000 feet.

After a flight, your ears pop, your sense of taste changes, and it may be hard to put your shoes back on.

There are many ways to deal with the last problem (hello, compression socks), but it may be best to just keep your shoes on at all times.

Less about compression than avoiding uncomfortable circumstances.

Plane cabins aren't clean. (The air is, though.) "Cabins are cleaned before every flight, although on a short turn, it's more cursory.

"Barefoot people may catch up harmful germs and viruses. Fungal infections are another problem.

Worse, lavatory liquids? Flight attendants aren't obligated to clean them mid-flight, so you may walk on pee.

Also, the tray tables and armrests are dirty. Tray tables are the germiest surface on an aeroplane, so use alcohol wipes to clean after boarding.

Don't put your bare feet up on those, and no passenger should ever do that anyway out of consideration for other people.

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