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If you find it difficult to make your muscles explode no matter how hard you squat, you should reduce the weights.

__If you have a hard time adding muscle tone:

To be clear, women do not bulk up in the same manner that guys do—a it's testosterone thing. However, some women are naturally more ripped than others.

If you put on muscle pretty easily:

You can't shrink your shoulders since they're your framework." "However, you can focus on lower body strength routines to achieve a balanced look," advises McCall. 

If you have broad shoulders:

If you feel like you see results everywhere but your stomach:

"The solution for you is strength and cardio workout," McCall explains. He recommends a circuit-style toning regimen in which you alternates

If you've got a straight up-and-down thing going on:

Choose ab workouts that target your obliques and transverse abdominis, such as front and side planks and bicycle crunches.

It all depends on what you want to achieve here. If you want to enhance your curves, McCall suggests doing less strenuous cardio and focusing  strength

If your hips and butt are your standout features:

There is an old saying by Augusten Burroughs that
when you have your health, you have everything,
and I now side by that claim more than ever before.

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