Why The Mummy Director Calls the Tom Cruise Reboot
 'Probably the Biggest Failure of My Life'?

Alex Kurtzman's
"The Mummy" was not one of his proudest achievements.

Kurtzman directed the Tom Cruise-led picture for the second time in 2017. He is most recognised for his work on the "Hawaii & Five-0," series shows and films as a producer and creator.

Kurtzman branded "The Mummy" the "worst failure of my life, both emotionally and professionally," during an interview on The Playlist's "Bingeworthy" podcast on Friday.

"I have a million regrets about it, but it has also given me so many inexpressibly lovely gifts," he concluded.

"It rebuilt me into a tougher guy, and it also rebuilt me as a sharper filmmaker," Kurtzman said of the Cruise picture.

He went on to say that the movie was a "true gift" since it taught him to trust his intuition.

During the podcast, Kurtzman added, "I'm quite clear now when I get a sense that doesn't seem right."

I'm not going to keep silent about it any longer. When I have that feeling, I'm not going to do anything. To me, it's not worth it, he added.

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