The Luckiest Day Of The Year For Each Zodiac Sign In 2022


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Luckiest Day: May 24th

You rarely have a problem initiating anything new but this day offers you something special. 


Luckiest Day: October 25th
With the Eclipse Axis Nodes of the Moon entering your zodiac sign along with Scorpio, it’s set to be a year to remember.


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Luckiest Day: June 20th
A big part of you and that feeling that you’re having a great day is being able to not just communicate well but also being truly heard by those around you.

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Luckiest Day: November 13th
On this day you will be completely in your element as there is a Grand Water Trine with Sun, Mercury, and Venus.


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Luckiest Day: July 28th
As you celebrate a New Moon in your zodiac sign today forming an eye-opening trine to Jupiter in Aries you are reminded of the power of new beginnings. 


Luckiest Day: March 2nd
This is a day where you’ll be reminded of the power of love. While the New Moon in Pisces will be activating your seventh house of relationships



Luckiest Day: October 19th
On October 19th Venus joins the Sun in your zodiac sign prompting you to make the most of the life that you have created. Everything should feel better and more joyful. 


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Luckiest Day: January 25
January 25th represents a change in how you communicate and show up for yourself which means it also serves to start a whole new way of others showing up for you. 


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Luckiest Day: August 17th
With so much of this year being centered around your career and even home life it hasn’t felt like you’ve gotten to spread your wings as much as you normally like.


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Luckiest Day: September 25th
When you feel good in your career, you feel good in life. Not that your personal or romantic relationships aren’t important to you but you need.


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Luckiest Day: March 6th
Romantic relationships always are a tricky road for you. As much as you crave partnership you also don’t mind being by yourself or even having a nontraditional arrangement in your love life. 

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