Millennials have gained (and lost) attention for "slacktivism," job hopping, school debt, and FOMO culture.

Many Millennials are pursuing financial independence and planning for retirement.

Millennials choose travel over homeownership in retirement. They wish to spend their savings to follow their passions and desired lifestyle. They want flexibility and new experiences in retirement.

Millennials want freedom in achieving non-traditional goals. Less concerned on retirement savings amount

They are less concerned in maintaining their riches in retirement and won't manage their investments as much as Boomers.

Some Millennial tastes may appear counter to sensible retirement goals, but this is an action-oriented generation.

Millennials are saving earlier than their elders, and many have increased their financial planning attention during the pandemic.

Also, it's important to remember that Millennials aren't just changing the rules for retirement because they can.

Changes in the way younger people think about money, careers, and life are caused by big changes in the economy and society.

They've faced distinct obstacles than previous generations. Cost of property, pensions, and student debt have all climbed.

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