Last week, fewer Americans filed for unemployment benefits.

The number of people claiming for unemployment benefits in the United States decreased further last week, remaining at historically low levels.

The Labor Department said Thursday that jobless claims in the United States fell by 5,000 to 180,000 for the week ending April 23. The number of layoffs is usually reflected in the amount of first-time applications.

The four-week average for claims increased slightly to 179,750 from 177,500 the prior week, smoothing out the weekly ups and downs.

For the week ending April 16, the total number of Americans receiving unemployment benefits fell by 1,000 from the previous week, to 1,408,000. Since February 21, 1970, there have been the fewest since then.

Two years after the coronavirus epidemic sent the economy into a brief but severe slump, American workers are enjoying unprecedented job security.

For the most of this year, weekly unemployment aid applications have remained below the pre-pandemic level of 225,000, despite the general economy contracting.

The US economy declined last quarter for the first time since the economic crisis struck two years ago, according to the Commerce Department.

Even while people and companies continued to spend, the economy shrank at a 1.4 percent annual pace, indicating underlying resiliency.

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