How The Pilgrims Made Apples A Part Of American Cuisine!

Americans love their apples. Per Statista, we ate a little more than 16 pounds of apples per person .

There are various ways to enjoy one of the many red, green, or yellow sorts of apples that we love to eat up, whether sliced up for a snack or cooked into a warm or cold cider.

Apples of the golden delicious variety and the sweet Honeycrisp variant are among the more than 100 varieties farmed in the United States.

Apples were brought to Massachusetts

According to the North Carolina Historic Sites, the first apple seeds were transported to America by pilgrims from what is now Massachusetts in 1620.

Apple trees swiftly took root in this area and expanded across the Northeast, eventually reaching Maryland, where they were grown on 90 percent of the state's farms.

This fruit quickly became a staple, and trees could be found in Virginia and North Carolina. Apples were here to stay.

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