This Coffee Habit Can Increase Lifespan Up To 30% !

If you rely on coffee to get you going in the morning or simply enjoy the taste of freshly brewed java, then you know that not every cup is the same.

Along with the type of coffee beans that are used, not to mention the possibility of using coffee creamer, any type of sweetener can also change the flavor.

A new study has found that opting for unsweetened coffee, or, if you absolutely need to add a little sweetness, a cup of coffee that includes a touch of sugar might actually help you live longer.

When considering how unsweetened coffee and coffee that was sweetened by sugar affected the body

research showed that after a seven-year period, those who opted for unsweetened coffee had a 16-20% less chance of dying as opposed to those who didn't drink coffee at all

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Those numbers rose to 29-31% when it came to participants who regularly added around one tablespoon of sugar to their coffee.

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