Tips for Wine Lovers from John Legend's

John Legend loves wine. Singer even have a brand- LVE Wines. John always drinks wine, whereas Chrissy(his wife) prefers vodka soda.

"I've been doing it for a long time because I love wine. I love the memories that wine brings me.

Everything I associate with wine—travel, food, romance—has always been a beautiful experience for me," Legend said.

, Legend has one piece of advice for people who like red, white, sparkling, or rosé wine: do what works best for you.

"When it comes to wine, I don't like to be too specific because I think a lot of people feel scared because they think there are so many rules to follow," Legend said.

"We should make people feel included and not make them feel like they're not doing it right - that's daunting."

 Legend likes to eat fried chicken and drink rosé together, he tells his fans to drink what makes them happy. ''Buy wines you enjoy,  with foods, and drink them with people you enjoy "Legend told

According to the songwriter, everybody can enjoy wine. John Legend recommends sparkling rosé with spicy dishes and cabernet with red meat.

Chrissy [Teigen] makes a beef Wellington that is out of this world. He said in the interview, "I love cooking steaks, and the cabernet goes great with them."

Legend recommends the LG wine vault for storing wine. "That's a good start because preserving wine at the appropriate temperature is better," he said.

The cellar has three temperature zones that are set up to store red, white, and sparkling wines in the best way possible.

But before you run out to buy red meat and a wine cellar, remember John's number one piece of advice: do what you love. "I think wine makes the world a happier and more beautiful place," he said.

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