The 3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes

TOday, we will be hosting two significant transits. Venus squares Pluto, and the Moon in Taurus, and it affects Leo, Virgo, and Scorpio the most.

We're looking at some intense influence here, and depending on how we interpret it in our lives, we can either make it work for us or watch the disasters take place right before our eyes.

This day brings a few of us some less than wonderful news about our love lives. This is a day for arguments between couples and the threat of breaking up.

Venus Square Pluto can go one of two ways. It can either bring out a side of us that will be ultimately attractive to our romantic partner, or it will have us ending the relationship altogether.

Moon in Taurus will make us feel like whatever happens, we're right. We cannot budge from our position on this day.

You've got Venus square Pluto to make you feel like there's a genuine problem with your relationship and Moon in Taurus to make you feel like you're not part of it.

1. Leo

 It's the blame game today in your romance. If something goes wrong, you walk away from the problem and place the focus on the other person.

You come across today as someone who can't face the truth; it's all 'everyone else's fault.' With that as your calling card, you feel you have the right to blame everyone else while remaining saintly in your stance.

You have a choice today. It will become very obvious to you as the day goes on: you can either hold tightly to your opinion and hurt someone you love or give in a little so that they don't end up devastated by your firm grasp.

2. Virgo

You will succeed in destroying your relationship in one fell swoop simply because you aren't the person to admit to being wrong.

You have to use some discretion today, Scorpio. There's too much dark energy at your fingertips, and you have to learn how to balance it with light and love.

3. Scorpio

Try not to scare your love away by trying to prove to them that you'll do anything for their love. That comes across as creepy and will eventually turn you into the person they avoid.

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