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The top five domestic airlines in the United States

1. JetBlue Airways

Readers love this 21-year-old airline's customer service, route network, leg room (even in coach), and value.

2. Hawaiian Airlines

They go out of their way to make their customers happy," a fan wrote, giving the airline high marks for customer service.

3. Alaska Airlines

The airline got the title of "safest airline" because it was reliable, comfortable, and affordable.

4. Southwest Airlines

Southwest's reliability dropped from 26.80 the year before. Thousands of customers were stuck during the airline's multi-day collapse in October 2021.

5. Delta Air Lines

The Atlanta-based airline is the most reliable, and it tied for second place with Alaska, Southwest, and United in terms of comfort.

Each airline's ranking is based on 16 parameters, including luggage, departures, complaints, animal-related issues, in-flight comfort, and safety.

In the subcategories, there were things like delays, WiFi access, legroom, being turned away, and price.

This Data looks at "overlooked parts of air travel" to help people "make better choices."

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