Top 10
Swimming Benefits

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1.One of the main benefits of swimming is that it genuinely exercises your complete body, head to toe.


boosts your heart rate without taxing your body

2. Internal workout.
Your muscles and cardiovascular system benefit from exercise. Swimming strengthens heart and lungs. Swimming is so excellent for you that it may even lower your mortality risk. 

3.People with injuries, arthritis, and other problems can swim.
Swimming can decrease pain and speed injury rehabilitation.

4.Good for asthmatics:
Swimming indoor pools is helpful for asthmatics due to the humidity. Breathing exercises like holding your breath may help you increase your lung capacity & acquire breathing control.

5.Burns calories
Swimming burns calories. A 160-pound individual burns 423 calories per hour swimming slowly or moderately. A faster swimmer may burn up to 715 calories per hour.

6. Helps you sleep
Swimming may help you sleep better. Aerobic exercise improved older persons' quality of life and sleep, according to a research.

7. Mood-boosting 
Swimming and aquatic exercises help dementia patients physically and mentally. Exercise boosts others' moods, too.

8. Pregnancy-safe

Swimming benefits pregnant moms and their newborns.

Jump in the pool if you're new to exercising or want to try something new. Swimming is good for your mind, body, and spirit.

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