Your new favourite cardio workout will be "Walk and Talks."

"Walk and chats" is a great aerobic exercise. Start by? Put on your sneakers and call or invite a friend over. So easy

It's a chance to walk and reduce stress.
This exercise regimen can help you achieve your daily steps and relieve tension. Plus, catch-up time!

"Walk and chats" can help you accomplish your daily 10,000-step goal. Reduce your chances of obesity, depression, heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

Hills increase calorie burn.
First, plan a mini-workout route. Determine how long it will take you to walk a  loop. 
More hills improve your workout.

Choosing a walking buddy with similar fitness goals is crucial. You'll want to add extra stairs and hills each time. Cheering each other on is fun.

Wear comfortable shoes
Long walks require comfortable shoes. the improper sports shoe can cause injuries and hinder fitness. 

Finding A Supportive Workout Shoe Will Assist Protect Your Ankles And Feet While You Exercise.

so, Just get up, plan your workout, walk, talk and Burn Fat easily!

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