Drivers risk $265,000 penalties for wearing watches and jewellery in F1.

Formula 1 drivers have been told that watches will be added to the sport’s jewellery ban, with fines for contravention of the rules potentially as high as $265,000.

Seven-time winner Lewis Hamilton has been granted a two-race exemption due to parts of his jewellery being difficult to remove.

No formal document has been released that details the penalty for breaking the guidelines, but insiders say the stewards will utilise an escalator system.

A first offence might result in a $52,000 punishment, while a persistent repeat offender could face a $265,000 (250,000 Euro) fine and possible championship point loss.

A hefty fine was one of the reasons Haas F1 driver Kevin Magnussen revealed he removed his wedding band.

"I refuse to pay the 250,000 Euro fine."

While Magnussen appreciates the FIA's safety concerns, he feels removing symbolic elements like wedding wings went too far.

"I'll risk a burn on my finger to race in my wedding ring." And if something horrible happened, I'd want to wear my wedding band. It's hard to take it off.

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