The Best Foods and Drinks to Consume on Your Big Day

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Checklist for the wedding day: Glam team arrives at 9, photographer at 10, flowers at 11, what else? Food!

Some brides forget to eat, while others don't eat because they're afraid of getting bloated. However, the best way to look your best on your wedding day is to use food as fuel and eat often.

The most important meal is breakfast!

Eat a small breakfast to avoid becoming a "hangry" bride. "With all the excitement and passion of the day, you need to start with breakfast,"

Light lunches and snacks are recommended.
You'll probably forget to eat. "Eat anytime!"

Gentle sip

This is your day, so drink with your guests. Dehydration is something you want to avoid.

Guest-host a meal

Always eat when your visitors do.Few bites might keep you dancing all night.

Stay afloat

"Dehydration contributes to dull skin,". Keep drinking and eating water-rich foods like watermelon, cucumbers, and citrus to shine.

Get ready to look good, feel good, and calm your stomach.

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