Find All Here: The format, schedule, and matches for the 2022 NBA play-in tournament.

The Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Lakers were favourites to win the NBA title in 2021-22. The Lakers are gone, and the Nets' playoff dreams hang in the balance.

But what is the format of the preliminary tournament? And how does it function?

The play-in round begins Tuesday with winner-take-all games between the 7th and 10th seeds in each conference. Last chance playoff places.

What is the play-in format?

The 7th and 8th seeds will have two opportunities to win a play-in game, while the 9th and 10th seeds must win two games in a row.

"Seven-Eight Game": Each conference's 7th seed will host the 8th seed. "Seven-Eight Game" winner gets 7th seed in playoffs.

"Nine-Ten Game": 9th vs. 10th. The loser is out of the playoffs.

The winner of each conference's "Seven-Eight" game will host the winner of the "Nine-Ten" game. The winner will get the 8th playoff seed.

The top six clubs in each conference progress automatically. The teams in 7th through 10th place must win a play-in tournament to qualify for the playoffs.

Which teams will compete in the 2022 play-in tournament?

April 12th,Tuesday
April 13th,Wednesday
April 15th, Friday

When are the 2022 play-ins?

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