Money anxiety is common, but you're not alone.

Money anxiety, which is also called financial anxiety, is more common than it has ever been.

87% of respondents said inflation was stressful. Fuel and food prices have everyone scared. No other problem has caused so much stress since the study began in 2007.

Money anxiety occurs when you worry about your income or dread financial problems. It's an emotional reaction to your finances.

Money anxiety signs:

Discomfort. Maybe looking at your bank account gives you a headache or stomachache.

Avoidance- You may not look at your bills for weeks.

 Paralysis-  small decisions eg. which sponge to buy can stall you

.Unbalanced work-life - You feel you must work 24/7 to live.

Rigidity- You plan budget and get frustrated when alterations are needed.

Rumination-Maybe you check the stock market in bed, at work, and while running errands numerous times a day.

Sleeplessness- You may worry about the next unforeseen cost or retirement.

Future uncertainty causes financial anxiety. It's dread of not having enough resources to meet needs or tackle problems.

A mental health expert can help when money worry creates prolonged distress and interferes with daily life.
Even on a short budget, therapy is available.

 Many therapists provide sliding scale prices for those who can't afford counselling.

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