What We Learned From the 2022 N.F.L. Draft

Most draught experts thought that the quarterback class of 2022 was the worst in a decade. Few anticipated quarterback-dependent clubs to be so unimpressed:

Having already signed Marcus Mariota, the Atlanta Falcons entered the draught with him as their starter. Mariota breaks a china vase and goes on injured reserve. Demond Ridder of Cincinnati was chosen in the third round as a possible replacement.

The Jets passed on Sam Darnold following the 2020 season, and the Panthers selected Mississippi's Matt Corral in the third round to replace him.

Drew Lock, the Seahawks' main quarterback, was traded to the Broncos for Russell Wilson. The Seahawks didn't choose a quarterback to replace Geno Smith, who was the backup. A seat filler at an awards event, the Lions didn't sign Jared Goff either.

No club in the top five could afford to take a chance on a quarterback who might not be ready to play until after their coaches are dismissed, so Malik Willis, a first-round prospect from Liberty, will work under Ryan Tannehill with the Titans.

So why was the league so harsh on this group? A few years from now, GMs will be reaching for a quarterback again, like they did with Goff, Mariota, and Trubisky.

For a while it seemed like the Jaguars were just mismanaging their salary when they signed mid-level receiver Christian Kirk to a reported $72 million four-year deal during free agency.

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