Medication Found to be Effective in the Treatment of Sleep Apnea

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Mechanical therapies for sleep apnea are the most frequent. These include CPAP machines, mouthguards, and other similar devices.

However, researchers believe they have discovered a medication that may help some people with sleep apnea.

According to preliminary clinical study data, the medication sulthiame, which is generally used to treat epilepsy, appeared to reduce breathing pauses by more than 20 occurrences per hour on average in obstructive sleep apnea patients.

According to the researchers, these are some of the strongest outcomes ever recorded in a medication study for sleep apnea.

Sulthiame inhibits an enzyme that is responsible for maintaining the body's carbon dioxide equilibrium.
Some persons have a condition known as "high loop gain," which causes an increased sensitivity to oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in the blood.

High loop gain is thought to contribute to sleep apnea in around one-third of obstructive sleep apnea patients.These individuals are more likely to have breathing pauses when sleeping due to fluctuations in their oxygen or carbon dioxide levels.

The medicine dampens this reaction. It stabilises the system, causing it to respond less strongly to variations in carbon dioxide or oxygen levels. "The respiration pauses and then stops

The Sleep Foundation believes that between 2% and 9% of individuals in the United States have obstructive sleep apnea. Sleep deprivation relates to daytime tiredness, as well as heart disease, high blood pressure, and stroke.

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Sulthiame was also found to be generally safe, with the most prevalent adverse effects being headache and a pins-and-needles sensation on the skin. Some high-dose individuals felt shortness of breath as well.

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