Three highly endangered Sumatran tigers were found dead in traps on Indonesia's Sumatra island, authorities said Monday.

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A snare trap killed a female and a male tiger at a palm oil plantation in East Aceh district, Aceh province.

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He claimed a snare was still lodged in the neck and legs of another female tiger recovered hours later around 500 metres distant.

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Sukmana said officials had asked residents and plantation owners not to put snares in wild animal crossing locations.

An autopsy was being conducted by vets to ascertain the cause of death of the tigers, according to Agus Arianto, director of the Aceh conservation agency.

Farmers on Sumatra's island employ snare traps to catch wild boars, which are destructive pests with a voracious hunger for flora.

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 Poachers have employed snare traps to kill endangered species for profit.

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"We strongly condemn this incident and will assist with law enforcement," Arianto stated.

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