Too Sensitive?
If you answered “yes” with hesitation, don't worry. 

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 Here's how to keep your emotions in check by reducing your oversensitivity.Travel and 
change of place 
impart new vigor 
to mind


#1. Describe your emotions

Peru, South America

Nobody cares if you can't write; just putting your thoughts down on paper or tweeting them should enough

#2. Recognize your sensitivity

Maybe you were insulted when someone assumed you were uneducated. Now that you know what bothers you, you can solve it

#3. Be kind to yourself

This is bordering on oversensitivity. This can impact your mental health, especially if you take things personally and linger on them.

#4. Reduce overthinking

Doubtful about your actions or words? Do you overthink events and comments? You even let your mind wander and fantasise about things that never happened!

Preventive action #5

Take a mental step back and ponder before you react.

#6. Push yourself and seek feedback

You cautiously show your instructor your draught homework, hoping for the best

#7. It’s not all about you

Instead of instantly reacting to their actions, consider their feelings. Remember that you are not everyone's hero.

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