Why do girls need eyeshadow?

They make our eyes look appealing. Applying cosmetics incorrectly can ruin our appearance.

First? Determining eye form.

Eye shapes

Eye forms include monolids, double lids, almond eyes, hooded eyes, upturned, downturned, deep-set, wide-set, projecting, and close-set. 

Eyeshadow Types

Campers Feel
Like They Can

The most frequent variety is pressed powder shadow, which is applied by combining multiple colour hues. If you want a single hue on your eyelids, a cream eyeshadow is ideal.

Camping Helps 

Color Complements

You must be attentive while choosing eyeshadow tones, much like when blending or matching colours. Consider your eye colour before choosing a colour.


 Use an eye primer before applying eyeshadow to make it last longer. Eye primers help you apply eyeshadow evenly, just like facial primers

So, before you apply eyeshadow, make sure you understand these basic rules. 


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