World’s most expensive honeymoon destinations!


Long-haul flights will take you to this destination, where bungalows over crystal-clear waters await for a great vacation.

Bora Bora

One can define Bora Bora in three words, a dreamy honeymoon destination. You can get all the romantic time with your beloved on a volcanic island, far away from the crowd, and totally isolated.


For almost all the honeymooners, a French honeymoon means to be and always be in Paris! 


Fancy a honeymoon vacation with all things luxury? If yes, Monaco is for you then. Hire a boat and set off with your bae for a romantic vacation of a lifetime


 Then let your honeymoon destination do all the talking! Seychelles is one of those lavish destinations in the world that has all the elements that you wish you could experience in a vacation.


 Unwind yourself and spend some quality romantic time with your partner amid pleasant sunshine with a glass of vintage wine and bounty of nature. 


 this does not deter honeymooners, given the beauty of this spot as well as some lovely hotels that are expensive but not over-the-top.

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