Your Top 5 Questions About the SAT®: Answered!

The SAT® is challenging, and It’s designed to be that way. From the academic content, to the unique question formatting, to time management, there’s a lot involved. We won’t sugarcoat it!

How hard is the SAT®?

But before you or your teen gets overwhelmed, take a deep breath. It’s a lot, but it can be manageable if you work with your teen to plan ahead and, of course, practice.

Prior to taking the SAT®, students should develop some specific goals with plenty of time before test day and utilize a range of preparation strategies to maximize their chances of success. 

 Many kids (and parents) sometimes feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to squeeze in after-school activities while juggling school schedules and homework.

What does the SAT® cost?

Standard registration: $55 per SAT®

Late registration: Additional $30 per SAT®

Registration cancellation: $25 for standard registration, $35 for late registration

The short answer is students can take the SAT® as many times as they’d like. And there are definite advantages to taking the test more than once—primarily, students have the option to submit their highest scores. 

How many times can you take the SAT®?

That means that if your student scores higher in the math section in their second test, but their first reading score is still their best, they can submit the highest score from both tests with their college applications. 

SAT® scores never expire! Standard score reporting applies for tests taken within five years of students’ college applications. 

How long are SAT® scores valid?

Math: 80 minutes, 58 questionsReading:
65 minutes, 52 questions
Writing and Language: 35 minutes, 44 questions

Which SAT subjects should my student take? 

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